Building Certified by ARUP & BUET: Good news for us and buyers

Our building are now certified by ARUP & BUET  which is good news for us and buyers. The company ensures buyers that the company buildings are structurally very sound and there is adequacy of environment

Patriot Group

  1. Stitchwell Design Limited Unit 1 & 2
  2. Apparel Stitch Limited ,
  3. CDF Designs ,
  4. Tivoli Apparels

Building Certified for being employee friendly working condition for the workers. The Managing Director Iqbal Hossain along with management board and senior employees directly supervise and monitor the working condition of the the factory almost daily basis. That encourages workers to share the same workplace building. The company tested stuctural strength of the buildings by expert consultants locally from BUET experts. International expert team from ARUP ASSOCIATES also tested and the result is very satisfactory.

Recently Bangladesh Reday Made Garments Industries scenario has been shaken very badly due to two accidents in Tazreen Group fire and Rana Plaza building collapse incident. We mourn for their loss. The heavy losses of lives in the industry has casted a gloomy shadow on the image of Bangladesh’s RMG sector and among the international clients along with general people.

The issues triggered panic among buyers and several garments factory for Building Certified by ARUP & BUET and had to go through rigorous structural strength tests by BUET and ARUP asscociates a renowned foreign construction consultant agency. The test result give us confidence to drive forward after following through a difficult time. The reports were extraordinarily good . We hope this reinstated confidence will be an added impetus to our company growth and efficiency along with the assurance of safe working condition .


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