Compliance Features of Patriot Eco Apparel Ltd

For compliance features, a safe and friendly working environment is a priority for Patriot Group.

Round the clock medical treatment facility, including physicians, trained nurses and medication is available to meet any emergency. Other compliance features like hygienic giant dining halls are maintained and safe drinking water is available. We have also prayer room, recreation centers and day-care centers for the babies of the workers.

Patriot Group strictly maintains several compliance features policies such as: prohibition of Forced & Child Labor, No Discrimination Occupational Health and Safety ( OHS), Disciplinary Practices/ Harassment, Freedom of association & right to collective bargaining, Welfare facilities, Compensation & Benefits, Working hours, Grievance procedures, Environmental protection, Custom & Security Compliance.

Our factories are fully compliant with the requirements of local compliance features as well as national labor law and “Business Social Compliance Initiative’. We give emphasis on our human resource’s safety, facility, hygienic environment and entertainment to the highest level of satisfaction. We take our wider social responsibilities seriously and implemented following facilities already:-


Safe Drinking water for the workers.


Good working atmosphere with 60% fresh air. 


Ensure fire safety features with SPRINKLER fire security system throughout the building. 


Waste management training facility. 


Recycled water uses system installed by WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) where handwash water will be used for toilet flashing. 


Workers’ welfare committee comprising of equal number of members both from management & workers to look after the welfare issues of   common interest of all concerned.


Workers’ Award Program to reward the worker on the basis of production performance, neatness, attendance and consciousness to   factory hygiene/ safety issue.


We will continue to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations worldwide while building deeper relationships with the suppliers of parts and materials as well as our overseas subsidiaries and distributors, thereby enhancing the system of cooperation in our supply chain.

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