Security is an utmost requirement in every sphere of life especially in the Garments sector.

To ensure a secured trade we have the following security system:


Physical Security:image 1

We have our own security guards posted for 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. Entrances are guarded by guards physically. Keys of the factory gates/floors/doors are kept under the direct control of unit security officer who maintains issues & receives the keys from the users. Key issue/receive register is maintained, seal is equally controlled by store officer and log is maintained.

Access Control:

We maintain Visitors log book. Every visitor is required to sign and get entry pass and then escorted to the office / person he is going to visit. We issue photo ID Cards to our workers. Our IT access control ensures secured handling of computers and internet. We have sensors to detect burglars which is IPS supported. We have CCTV to monitor instantly any incident/ accident covering our production floor, packing area, entrance gate and loading / unloading area.

Procedural Security: